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Soft tissue management in periodontal gingival recessions

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General Information

Date: Published on 11/11/21

Location: Online

Teaching method: Self-instructional (The student will have the opportunity to watch the pre-recorded lecture, the pre-recorded workshop, and then practice at home with the materials that we will send him)

Continuing Educational Credits Awarded: 4CE (AGD)

Subject Code: 490 (Periodontics) 492 (Soft Tissue Surgery)

*You can watch the lecture & workshops as many times as you want, there isn’t any kind of expiration date*

*This course isn’t supported by any kind of commercial entity


Root coverage procedure is nowadays one of the most frequent surgical treatment in periodontology. The evolution of Coronally advanced techniques for single and multiple recession and tunneling approach, allow clinicians to solve most of the gingival recessions. Understanding in gingival phenotype and evolution of biomaterials help to address the appropriate predictable treatment in each case. All the procedures are explained in details step by step with cases and videos.

Learning objectives

  • Predictor factors in mucogingival therapy.
  • How to make clinical decision based on the site’s phenotype.
  • Understand the operative sequence according to the defect’s characteristics.
  • Learn the most advanced plastic surgical techniques for root coverage in periodontal gingival recessions.

Do it

Course Content

  • Online Pre-recorded lecture | 1 h
  • Online Pre-recorded workshop | 1 h 40 min
  • Bone Models + Demo Collagen Matrix

IMPORTANT – Experience in this area is recommended to ensure a good understanding of the course content.


*Shipping and taxes included*

*All the demo components are produced by BoneModels only to be used on these models. The demo products are not suitable for human use*

*We only send the components specified in the “Do It” segment, the rest of the material needed to perform the workshop (such as drills, blades, sutures, etc) will be provided by the student*

Why should I take this course?

Improved patient outcomes: Taking a course on soft tissue management in periodontal gingival recessions can help dental professionals improve the outcomes of their treatment, leading to better results for their patients.

Increased patient satisfaction: By being able to effectively manage soft tissue in gingival recession cases, dental professionals can provide their patients with a higher quality of care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Competitive differentiation: Knowledge and expertise in soft tissue management in periodontal gingival recessions can set dental professionals apart from their competition, attracting patients who are looking for specialized and quality care.

Streamlined treatment planning: Understanding the principles of soft tissue management can help dental professionals streamline their treatment planning process and make it more efficient, allowing them to spend more time with their patients.

Improved patient safety: Proper management of soft tissue during periodontal gingival recession treatment can improve patient safety, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring optimal outcomes for the patient.


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