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Reconstructive therapy to manage peri-implantitis

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General Information

Date: Published on 11/11/21

Location: Online

Teaching method: Self-instructional (The student will have the opportunity to watch the pre-recorded lecture, the pre-recorded workshop, and then practice at home with the materials that we will send him)

Continuing Educational Credits Awarded: 2CE (AGD)

Subject Code: 492 (Soft Tissue surgery) 690 (Implants) 693 (Implant Maintenance)

*You can watch the lecture & workshops as many times as you want, there isn’t any kind of expiration date*

*This course isn’t supported by any kind of commercial entity


Learning objectives

  • To identify the different defect morphologic features.
  • To identify the features leading to success.
  • To assess the indications for reconstructive therapy.
  • To illustrate the step-by-step approach on reconstructive therapy.
  • To show the evidence supporting this therapeutic modality.

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Why should I take this course?

Improved patient outcomes: Taking a course on reconstructive therapy to manage peri-implantitis can help dental professionals improve the outcomes of their treatment, leading to better results for their patients.

Increased patient satisfaction: By being able to effectively manage peri-implantitis, dental professionals can provide their patients with a higher quality of care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Competitive differentiation: Knowledge and expertise in reconstructive therapy for peri-implantitis management can set dental professionals apart from their competition, attracting patients who are looking for specialized and quality care.

Streamlined treatment planning: Understanding the principles of reconstructive therapy for peri-implantitis management can help dental professionals streamline their treatment planning process and make it more efficient, allowing them to spend more time with their patients.

Improved patient safety: Proper management of peri-implantitis through reconstructive therapy can improve patient safety, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring optimal outcomes for the patient.

Course Content

  • Online Pre-recorded lecture | 1 h 3 min
  • Online Pre-recorded workshop | 49 min
  • BoneModel + Demo Bone Graft  + Demo Membranes 

IMPORTANT – Experience in this area is recommended to ensure a good understanding of the course content.


*Shipping and taxes included*

*All the demo components are produced by BoneModels only to be used on these models. The demo products are not suitable for human use*


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