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Implantology is a field of dentistry that deals with the surgical placement of dental implants in order to replace missing teeth. The demand for skilled implantologists has been growing, as patients seek more effective and long-lasting solutions to their dental problems. Our online courses about implantology include a pre-recorded lecture, a pre-recorded workshop, and the BoneModel with its corresponding components that we send you in order to practice at home.

The pre-recorded lecture is an essential component of our courses. It covers all the relevant theories and concepts involved in the placement of dental implants, from the anatomy of the bone and surrounding structures to the different types of implants and the surgical techniques used to place them. The lectures are always delivered by experienced implantologists, and are designed to be comprehensive, clear, and engaging.

Another important aspect of our implantology courses online is the pre-recorded workshop. The workshop provides students with an opportunity to see the entire implant placement process, from start to finish, and to understand the different steps involved. This is an invaluable learning experience, as students can observe how experienced implantologists handle the various challenges that arise during the surgery simulated in a model.

In addition to the pre-recorded lectures and workshops, with our courses, you’ll receive at home a BoneModel and the components needed for you to practice. These materials are essential for hands-on learning and are critical for developing the skills and confidence needed to perform implant surgeries.

Implantology courses online are more convenient and accessible, as students can study from anywhere, at any time. Also, these courses offer students a more flexible and self-paced learning experience, allowing them to study at their own speed and on their own schedule.

In conclusion, these courses are an excellent way for dental professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of implantology. They provide a comprehensive education, combining pre-recorded lectures, workshops, and hands-on training with models and materials that students can use to practice at home.