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Why should you take our courses?

– Are you trying to learn new techniques?
– Do you want to upgrade the services you offer?
– Do you want to perfect your skills?
– Are you interested in trying new learning experiences?

Benefits from our courses:

– Provided by world-renowned instructors with years of experience
– The only place where you will find online dentistry combined with practice at home
– The models have been specially designed by the instructors
– Everything for 349€ – Shipping, components, and biomaterials included!

Learn it lecture Giulio Rasperini

Pre-recorded online lecture with all the theoretical and clinical aspects

Do it Workshop Giulio Rasperini

A step-by-step pre-recorded online workshop where you will be able to see how to perform the technique

Biomaterials and components Giulio Rasperini

Models and components that will be sent to your home to perform the technique on them

New courses

Picture Patricia DeVilliers

Oral pathology biopsies

Patricia DeVilliers

Eduardo Rey Hemofilia

Tratamiento quirúrgico odontológico de pacientes con alteraciones hemostáticas

Eduardo Rey

Online Dentistry Course Instructor Alfonso Gil Bone Augmentation

Simultaneous L-Shape bone augmentation in implants placed in the anterior atrophic ridges

Alfonso Gil

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