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Dental photography is an important aspect of modern dentistry that enables dental professionals to document their work and provide patients with a visual record of their oral health. In order to provide the best possible care to their patients, dental professionals need to have a good understanding of intra oral dental photography techniques and equipment.

Our online dental photography courses provide participants with a comprehensive education in intra oral and extra oral dental photography, including pre-recorded lectures, pre-recorded workshops, and the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the dental clinic with a complete kit for intraoral photography that we send home as part of the course.

This intraoral photography kit consists of 10 pieces and comes in a storage case. The components are new and original designs with different shapes that allow you to obtain better photos using the same time. It consists of three mirrors, three contrasters, and four double retractors, all autoclavable.

The pre-recorded lectures cover the theory behind dental photography, including topics such as camera settings, lighting techniques, and image composition. The pre-recorded workshops reinforce the information covered in the lectures and show participants how to practice their dental photography skills.

One of the key benefits of our online dental photography courses is the convenience they offer. Participants can complete the course material at their own pace, from anywhere in the world, and can fit the course into their busy schedules without the need for travel or time away from their practice.

In conclusion, our online dental photography courses provide dental professionals with a comprehensive and convenient way to improve their dental photography skills. With the pre-recorded lectures and pre-recorded workshops included, these courses also offer participants with the tools and knowledge they need to attend their patients with high-quality dental images that document their oral health and treatment progress. Whether you’re a seasoned dental professional looking to improve your photography skills or a beginner just starting out, our online dental photography courses offer something for everyone.