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Biomechanics & Sutures for Soft Tissue Management

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General Information

Date: Published on 09/06/23

Location: Online

Teaching method: Self-instructional (The student will have the opportunity to watch the pre-recorded lecture, the pre-recorded workshop, and then practice at home with the materials that we will send him)

Continuing Educational Credits Awarded: 1CE (AGD – ADA)

Subject Code: 492 Soft Tissue Surgery (Periodontics)

*You can watch the lecture & workshops as many times as you want, there isn’t any kind of expiration date*

*This course isn’t supported by any kind of commercial entity


Surgical procedures performed to correct or eliminate anatomic, developmental, or traumatic deformities on the gingiva or the alveolar mucosa benefit from the improved visual acuity and enhanced precise and delicate tissue manipulation afforded by the magnification and illumination inherent to the Operating Microscope

Learning objectives

  • Become familiar with the microsurgical armamentarium that facilitates performing tasks under the operating microscope.
  • Understand the biomechanical benefits of precise soft tissue management facilitated by the microsurgical approach.
  • Identify the different biotextiles and biomaterials available for performing microsurgical procedures when handling soft tissues in mucogingival regenerative therapy. 

Do it

Course Content

  • Online Pre-recorded lecture – 36 min
  • Online Pre-recorded workshop – 15 min
  • Customized BoneModels (BM)

IMPORTANT – Experience in this area is recommended to ensure a good understanding of the course content.


*All the demo components are produced by BoneModels only to be used on models. “THE DEMO COMPONENTS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN USE”*

*We only send the components specified in the “Do It” segment, the rest of the material needed to perform the workshop (such as drills, blades, sutures, etc) will be provided by the student*


Why should I take this course?

Comprehensive Understanding of Biomechanics: Biomechanics plays a critical role in soft tissue management during dental procedures. Taking an online dental course on biomechanics and sutures provides dentists with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles and mechanics involved. This knowledge allows dentists to optimize their techniques, improve treatment outcomes, and minimize complications.

Enhanced Soft Tissue Management Skills:  Soft tissue management is essential for achieving optimal esthetic results and functional stability in dental procedures. By enrolling in an online course focused on biomechanics and sutures, dentists can develop advanced skills and techniques for handling and manipulating soft tissues effectively. This includes proper flap design, tension-free wound closure, and managing tissue architecture to promote proper healing and esthetics.

Prevention of Complications:  Soft tissue management is a critical factor in preventing postoperative complications such as tissue dehiscence, flap necrosis, and inadequate wound healing. By acquiring in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and sutures through an online course, dentists can learn the best practices and strategies to minimize the risk of complications and optimize patient outcomes.

Esthetic and Functional Improvements: Proper soft tissue management techniques contribute to improved esthetics and functional outcomes in various dental procedures, including implant placement, periodontal surgeries, and prosthodontic treatments. Dentists who undergo training in biomechanics and sutures online can effectively manage soft tissues, resulting in enhanced esthetics, stable soft tissue contours, and improved patient satisfaction.

Continuing Professional Development:  Dental professionals must continually update their knowledge and skills to provide the highest standard of care. Taking an online course on biomechanics and sutures for soft tissue management allows dentists to engage in continuing professional development, staying current with the latest techniques and advancements in the field. This ongoing education fosters professional growth, expands treatment options, and positions dentists as knowledgeable and skilled practitioners in soft tissue management.


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